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8 Tips for Packing Boxes While Moving

Posted by TigerPak on 8/25/2021
8 Tips for Packing Boxes While Moving

The time has come: you’re moving out. Perhaps you’re moving to a new town or a new country. Perhaps you’re moving to your first home or a new and even better home. No matter what, you’re transitioning to a new chapter in your life, and that’s always exciting.

Unfortunately, packing up everything from the previous chapters can be stressful. Most people have many possessions they want or need to bring along. Packing moving boxes and transporting all of them from Point A to Point B is rarely easy.

Thankfully, it doesn’t have to be so tough. In this article, we’ll provide some professional packing advice that can make the moving process really move along.

Start Early

The most consequential choice you’ll have to make during the entire packing process is also the first: when you begin. Sorting all your worldly possessions into containers will take much longer than you may anticipate. The process will take days, maybe weeks. In short, it’s not something you can put off until the night before.

Procrastination will bring so much suffering and sleeplessness. Starting early, on the other hand, will give you more time to get everything in order. As a result, you’ll leave less room for error — you wouldn’t want to forget anything! — and gain more time for rest.

Get the Right Supplies

Every project requires the right tools, whether your goal is to put together a table or take it apart for packing. Here are our recommendations:

  • Well, you don’t want everything loose and bumping around during the long trip.
  • Permanent markers. Unless you enjoy chaos, every container must have labels that help you identify the contents and where you’ll put them in your new home.
  • Packing paper. Fragile items have a stronger chance of avoiding damage when surrounded by some sort of filler in the box.
  • Packing tape. Certain types of tape are ideal for keeping boxes sealed. They’re at least much stronger than typical household tape.
  • You can’t exactly rip out pieces of heavy-duty tape with your hands.

Clear Out the Clutter

You never know just how much stuff you own until it’s time to put it all in boxes. As you account for each individual item, the prospect of packing them all may quickly become overwhelming. One way to lighten your workload is to assess your collection and consider how much of it actually matters to you.

You don’t have to be a minimalist, let alone an ascetic. We’re just saying that you almost certainly don’t need or even enjoy everything you own. This is the perfect time to donate old clothes, unwanted decorations, neglected toys, and assorted knick-knacks. You may be surprised by how much you toss out.

Pack One Room at a Time

An excellent approach to large tasks in general is to divide them into smaller tasks. Packing moving boxes may feel much more manageable if you take it step by step. Start with one room or area and don’t even touch the next one until you’re done with that room.

This strategy is not just less stressful than tackling the whole home at once. It’s also more organized. You have all your tools in one place rather than scattered about. You also have fewer boxes and things getting in the way of your day-to-day life.

Save Essentials for the End

Eventually, what was once your home will be an empty husk. During the moving process, though, you’ll still be living there. That means you’ll still need access to all the supplies and equipment necessary for living there — the fridge, the bed, your toothbrush, and so forth.

Putting those items away can make your last days in your old home inconvenient, if not downright inhospitable. As you work on putting your possessions into storage, remember which ones you need for daily use before taping the boxes shut. When you have one or two days left for the big move, that’s the time to stow the essentials.

Watch Your Box Weight

Putting as many things into as few containers as possible is always tempting. If you’re the type who tries to bring all the grocery bags inside in one go, we have a warning for you. One DVD and one t-shirt are as light as an apple. One box full of DVDs and clothes are significantly heavier than an average bag of food items.

For the love of all that is good, please put into a box only as much weight as you can carry. You may have to buy more packing moving boxes, which may take up more space in your car or moving truck. All that is usually much cheaper than medical expenses for hurting yourself while lifting heavy boxes.

Ask for Friendly Assistance

Packing is a lengthy and difficult chore for one person to handle alone. This is a great occasion to call in some favors from friends and family members. Offer a reward of food and good company in exchange for a little help.

There’s more to this suggestion than lightening your workload and speeding up the packing process. Moving from one place to another on your own can be a lonesome journey. In most cases, you’re leaving everyone you know and going to an unfamiliar place with few friends or relatives, if any, to welcome you.

There’s not much you can do to change this aspect. What you can do is take this opportunity to make some memories with the people you’ll miss the most.

Use Great Packing Moving Boxes

We hope that all the advice we gave in this article proves useful when the time comes to get packing. Every tip is something that helped us when we’ve had to move — or something that we wish we’d known at the time.

Our final piece of advice is that packing moving boxes is even easier when the boxes themselves are high-quality. Tigerpak’s brown corrugated shipping boxes and other containers are durable, strong, and made from excellent material. Check out our inventory as part of your packing preparation.