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Impulse Poly Tubing Heat Sealer and Cutter

poly bag heat sealer

Sealing bags can be surprisingly tricky. You have to maneuver the sealer so that it covers the bag's opening. Then, you have to fumble for another tool to cut that strip of sealer from the rest. It can be easy to make a mistake if one is inexperienced or distracted, and the process can be inconvenient and time-consuming. Still, bags must be sealed tightly and properly before continuing their shipping journey.

Thankfully, technology can speed the task along. The Impulse Poly Tube Sealer and Cutter can take care of the work with one easy and time-saving step. Sealing is as simple as pressing down. When you reach the desired bag size, just slide the cutter across the tubing. The result is a 1/8"" tamper-evident seal on bags up to 12 mil thick. The sealing elements are even Teflon® coated.

Why keep doing things the same way when it could be so much easier? The Impulse Poly Tube Sealer and Cutter is available right here at Tigerpak. This device is available in two compact sizes, and either one can prove vastly helpful. Choose the size that seems most convenient to you and place an order with us today.

UL Approved.

Sold each. Price per each.

For quick part replacement, service kits are available.

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Impulse Poly Tubing Heat Sealer And Cutter (ZC210)
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Impulse Poly Tubing Heat Sealer And Cutter (ZC310)
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