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Expandable Versa-pak™ Absorbent Cellulose Wadding

Versapak expandable cellulose wadding

When packaging and preparing items, anyone involved in the process of shipping and transporting goods must keep a variety of factors in mind. They should choose the containers based on the item's shape, size, and weight. They should choose the transportation method that would be most convenient, as well as legal and safe.

On that note, there is the matter of protecting the package from damage on its transit. The items within a single vehicle may have different densities, and breaches may occur if they bump against each other without adequate defense. The inclusion of cushioning within the package can help, especially if it is as versatile as Expandable Versa-Pak Cellulose Wadding. As this highly compressed wadding expands, its density decreases. This is the main difference between the expandable wadding and the regular one. It is also easier to store because it takes up less space than equal amounts of other cushioning.

Tigerpak is your one-stop online shop for ordering Expandable Versa-Pak Cellulose Wadding. Shippers in any industry will find this absorbent wadding more than adequate for protecting a variety of items that require different densities of cushioning. It is flexible, compressible, tough, and even capable of absorbing liquids. Check out our price per bundle below and try it out for yourself.

* formerly Kimpak ®

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Dimensions:12" x 167' x 3/4" thick
Creped Cellulose Wadding
Part NumberZKP6522
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