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Kraft Gummed Sealing Tape

gummed kraft paper shipping tape Regular Gummed Tape - "Tapes and wraps are vital for protecting the contents of a package from the strenuous conditions they may face along the shipping process. The sealants used to secure them must be so strong that only the package's intended recipient can remove them. As a result, the average roll of duct tape may not be sufficient. You should save that stuff for household use and employ a powerful gummed kraft paper tape instead. This type features a water-based adhesive that bonds the tape to the packaging, making it much more difficult for it to dislodge by accident.

Here at Tigerpak, you can shop for two kinds of high-quality gummed kraft paper tape. The Regular Gummed Tape is an extremely popular sealer for cartons. With its water-activated adhesive and very economical cost per case, it is excellent for any high-volume shipping or packaging operation. We also have a Reinforced Gummed Tape. Strengthened by glass fibers, this heavy-duty gummed sealing tape is perfect when extra strength and durability are needed. The ZLP450T (3"" x 450"") is available in tan only. Check out our offerings below and place an order with us right away.

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3" x 600'
Part NumberZGB6000
Qty Per:10
70mm x 375'
Part NumberZRGT70
Qty Per:8
3" x 375'
Part NumberZRGTW70
Qty Per:8
3" x 450'
Part NumberZLP450T
Qty Per:10
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