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Heat Sealers

Security is extremely important for shipping. In every step of the transportation process, from the supplier's warehouse to the customer's doorstep, the items must be protected. Nobody wants their packages interfered with by outside interlopers. Moreover, nobody wants the items they ordered slipping out and getting lost or damaged along the way. When you approach the packaging you use for a shipment, you should make sure that anything you do will keep the items safe and sound.

Heat sealers are a great approach to potential problems with poly bags. Rather than relying on ties or zippers, these machines apply a great deal of heat that melts the poly material together. The hole used to insert the items is closed as a result. Zippers can be undone and ties can be untwisted, but it takes some truly strenuous conditions and intentional effort to rip the material and puncture the bag.

Polyethylene bags, cellophane bags, and barrier material bags are among Tigerpak's signature products. Arguably just as important are our heat sealers for bags, for when you want to make sure that they stay closed. These items accommodate low- or high-volume applications, depending on your needs. They range from hand-held to bench mount versions. We strive to provide the best supplies for your packaging and mailing needs. Browse sturdy heat sealer for bags from our inventory and order today!