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Medical Specimen Bag with Document Pocket

A wide array of sensitive materials are shipped every day, and medical specimens are among the most sensitive of all. Whether they are required for research, procedures, or other purposes, these items must be transported with the utmost security every step of the way to their destination. That is why Tigerpak offers a high-quality, high-security medical specimen bag for sale to anyone who needs it.

This 2 mil poly bag allows shippers to securely transport medical specimens within its two pockets. The main pocket isolates that specimen, protecting personnel and paperwork against the threat of leakage and any hazards that may be inherent to the specimen. The back pouch holds documents, giving them an extra degree of separation from the specimen and an additional layer of protection. On top of that, our product meets all the new OSHA specifications of identification.

If you order a Tigerpak specimen bag through our online store, you can choose from three different types of closures. They include:

Loc-Top (shown): a resealable zipper-style closure. Its design allows for repeated access, so professionals can remove and reinsert as needed.

Open-End: heat-sealing and stapling are two ways of closing this kind of bag, providing an alternative to resealable types.

Tape: when the recipient does not want anyone potentially interfering with the contents of the bag, the presence of tape may, if ripped, serve as evidence of leaks and tampering.

CUSTOM: Custom medical specimen poly bags are available. Call our customer service reps to learn more!