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Moisture Control

When trying to select the proper preservation packaging for a shipment, you must consider the weaknesses of the items within the package. Moisture can be a major problem: too much may cause certain foods to spoil, debilitate electronics products, or even trigger hazardous reactions in some materials. The moisture control packaging should not simply be designed for sealing vulnerable items, but also effective in doing so. You can never be too careful.

To help you make the right choice, Tigerpak offers a large assortment of moisture control packaging products. 

For the convenience of our customers, we divided these products into a few different categories, and you can connect to them all right on this page. They include:

- Clay Desiccant: bags that contain activated clay, which naturally absorbs moisture and keeps it from affecting the shipping materials. 

- DryGuard™ Silica Gel Packs: a different type of desiccant substituting clay with silica gel, which also absorbs moisture.

- Volatile Corrosion Inhibitor (VCI) Paper: a single-ply kraft paper heavily doused in vaporizing chemicals, capable of clinging onto metal items and protecting them from rust.

- Humidity Indicator Cards: cards containing chemicals that change color with humidity. Their inclusion in packages can show inspectors if said packages are sufficiently airtight and free of moisture.