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Shrink Wrap

Packing shrink wrap is a remarkable innovation in the field of package protection. Like other types of wrap, it is flexible and clingy enough to cover many different containers and items. However, the plastic polymer used in its composition has an interesting reaction to heat. With the light application of a heat gun or the use of a heated conveyor belt, the film will start to, well, shrink. The result is a wrap that clamps down without coming loose easily, making it stronger than most others.

The applications are expansive, as so many have discovered to their benefit. For starters, it is ideal for heavy-duty tasks. Corrugated boxes are no longer necessary for many cases, as packing shrink wrap can firmly hold foam cushioning in place. Different packages can be shipped together as multi-packs and kept together by the film. If you can think of a use for it, it will probably work.

Tigerpak is proud to offer not just any packing shrink wrap, but packing shrink wrap from Super-Sealer. Their polyolefin film is among the best options out there, and their portable system (complete with a bundled heat gun) is just as exceptional. We strive to provide only the most high-quality products. If you want only the best packing shrink wrap, check out our selection below.