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Stretch Wrap

Many packages need to be packaged one at a time. In these cases, they are likely being shipped to different addresses or entirely separate regions. Sometimes, though, there are cases in which multiple packages need to be bundled together into a large unit. Regular kinds of wrap and tape would be exhausted quickly without being strong or even comprehensive enough. These instances call for the application of stretch packing wrap. 
Stretch packing wrap is much wider in length than most others, which is already pretty useful. More important is the unusual degree of elasticity for which it is named. This type of film is large and stretchy enough to hold numerous boxes and containers together. A common application is for pallet loads, which can be lifted and transported without worrying about any of the parts falling off. It is an invaluable tool in any large-scale wrapping operation. 
When you need a high-quality stretch packing wrap, Tigerpak can help. We supply extensive rolls of film with a few different options for handheld dispensers. These include a simple and economical version, a disposable variant that can be tossed out when finished, and one that can be adjusted and reused. No matter which ones you choose, you will receive something extremely useful.