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Plastic Strapping Kit

Filament tape can be great for holding packages together. If you ship a whole lot of packages, though, you may find yourself running out of this tape faster than you can replace it. The cost of getting more can really eat into your budget, especially if your shipping procedures include extensive package unitizing. When a tried-and-true practice ends up inhibiting the growth of your operation, it may be time to get creative and try something new.

If you are in this position, then we at Tigerpak would highly advise strapping. This practice has proven to be a more cost-effective alternative to filament tape for many operations, and it may help yours as well. To assist people in getting started with this new approach, we present our very own plastic strapping kit. 

The Poly-Strap Pak Kit is a handy self-dispensing unit that contains all you need to get started with a package unitizing operation. This strapping kit consists of 3,000 feet of 1/2"" strapping, 300 metal buckles, and even a handy-dandy hand-pull tool.

Your top goal with your package unitizing operation should be to fit within a feasible budget without sacrificing quality. Our plastic strapping kits may be exactly what you need to meet that goal. The best way to find out is by ordering our kit and trying it yourself.

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Dimensions:1/2" x 3000' Strapping
250 Metal Buckles
and a tensionsion/cutter tool
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