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Poly Bags

When you ship items, you do not want them falling loose in their packaging. When items are loose within containers, they have a higher chance of flying around and banging against the walls from the rigors of the shipping process. As a result, they are more likely to attain damage and arrive in a less-than-perfect state. To prevent this, you not only need high-quality packaging but the right kind of packaging.

Poly bags are a common alternative to boxes for keeping smaller items secure. The bags themselves are small, and they can be sealed in a practically airtight way. This reduces the chances of goods getting bumped around and damaged during their transport. Some poly bags have zippers, allowing them to close and reopen with ease. Others have no zippers or are even heat-sealed. These kinds offer great security because they can only be opened once.

At Tigerpak, we provide the necessary and quality packing, mailing, and shipping supplies, so anything you send remains and arrives in one piece. That includes our own line of poly bags, of both the zippered and non-zippered variety. We even provide efficient heat sealers for serious security. All these products are on sale right here, and you can find them by clicking the links below.
  • Zippered Poly Bags Zippered Poly Bags
    TigerPak stocks a vast assortment zippered closure poly bags in a wide array of styles, thickness and sizes for all of your packaging and shipping requirements.
  • Non-Zippered Poly Bags Non-Zippered Poly Bags
    TigerPak stocks a variety of Non-Zipper Storage Bags and Reclosable Poly Bags for all your temporary storage needs.