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A guide on discreet shipping for e-commerce stores

Posted by TigerPak on 11/25/2020
A guide on discreet shipping for e-commerce stores

Many times the customer doesn’t wish the world to notice what they have bought from an online store. This is where the concept of ‘Discreet Shipping’ kicks in. Below, we have listed down a few methods which your store could adopt in discreetly serving your end customer. But before venturing into the methods, let’s get into the nitty-gritties of discreet shipping. 

So let’s get started!

What does Discreet Shipping mean?

If you look at a package from the outside and can easily determine the product that’s inside the package, then you aren’t looking at a package that’s discreetly packed and shipped. 

So essentially, you have to pack something in such a way that no one can guess what’s inside the package. 

It can be done in several ways which we have discussed in further section of this piece. In the earlier times, discreet shipping was generally associated with adult products, as in, you’d only opt for such service if you are buying an adult product. However, that’s not true nowadays. Below we have mentioned several reasons why discreet shipping is the need of the day.

Why do people prefer Discreet Shipping?

  • Adult Products

This point is self-explanatory. In fact, it is the niche of products that prompted eCommerce companies to launch the concept of discreet shipping. You may wish to buy contraceptives or some other products which are essentially adult in nature. 

Getting products in an unrecognizable package can be a lifesaver for many people by saving them from embarrassment, anxiety, unrequited questioning, and so on. This is why as an eCommerce company if you’re selling adult products, you must highlight on the checkout page that the company follows a policy of discreet shipping. 

  • High Valued Products

There have been several reported instances when thieves and even delivery agents indulged in stealing products. For these people are paid comparatively low salaries, there are high chances of them committing such acts. 

This has prompted companies to opt for packaging which doesn’t give a hint to anyone regarding the value of the product put inside it. 

A product, in the course of its journey to reach the customer goes through the hands of several people. As we haven’t developed technology that could detect who stole the product, catching the culprit could be a tough nut to crack. 

So until we develop innovative tech to tackle such a situation, it is wise to opt for these type of boxes for a safe delivery which doesn’t give away the value of products put inside it. 

  • Medicine 

People may not wish to disclose some medical ailments they might be going through. Maybe to not give anxiety to their family members or people they live around. It would be a courtesy to provide them their desired medicine in discreet packages. 

  • Food items

Sometimes people are conscious of the food they are eating. They might be living in a locality where certain cuisine is seen as taboo or not accepted by society. They might not want to hurt their sentiments and therefore a food delivery package ought to be in discreet packaging. 

For that matter, the package shouldn’t even disclose whether a food item is being delivered or something else. 

  • People’s respect for Privacy

Even if the product you are selling may not fall in any one of the categories mentioned above, it is still suggested to deliver products in discreet packages sheerly for respecting their need for privacy. Not only would people respect and trust your company, but they’ll end up recommending your company for taking a step forward.

How to Prepare your Store for Discreet Shipping

Here are some points that your company can follow to prepare itself for Discreet packaging and shipping:

  • Prepare the infrastructure

Yes, you’d have to acquire the necessary tools and utilities for kickstarting this initiative. First of all, contact people engaged in manufacturing corrugated boxes. These might be brown or white. 

You can browse our website and look at the different types of boxes we make. From 4x4x4” to 36x20x32”, at TigerPak we manufacture boxes in a wide range of dimensions suitable for different purposes. 

So first of all, buy such packages in bulk and proceed to the next step.

  • Decide what design and Outlay you want

What information would you like to put on the boxes you ordered? Would your company name suffice, should you put stickers for ‘fragile’ items? 

Several questions need to be answered. We suggest deciding with your team members and executives about the type of information you should and shouldn’t put. For example, the invoice is generally put on the box along with the seller’s name. You can instead put it inside the box and so on.

  • Should you put the seller’s name?

Sometimes, the seller and their products on a particular platform get highly recognized. You might want to hide the seller’s name in that case. In the same manner, if your company deals in a niche of products, and gets recognized by the general public for the same, we suggest not even putting your company’s branding on the product. 

For example, some companies deal only in medicine and if they mention their name on the package, it would give off to anyone that medicine is being ordered by the customer. 

So write in inconspicuous or small fonts anything related to your store on the package.

  • Don’t go overboard

Finally, we suggest not going over and above what is required. If in the race of making your packaging discreet, if you end up making it ‘distinct’, it may invite some trouble as well. So sit back, research and experiment, and consult with some stakeholders before finally implementing your plan.

Where you can buy Discreet Shipping Boxes

We hope you found the above points helpful. Now if you wish to buy boxes for discreet shipping do visit our website. We also deal in a wide range of products such as poly bags, tape and wraps, cushioning materials, mailing tubes, and so on at TigerPak. Do check out our products. We are sure you’d be delighted!