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Anyone involved in the shipping process should make sure that they use the best possible shipping wrap. As with anything in this business, that is easier said than done. Different packages will have different requirements, meaning there is no single product that is great for every conceivable situation. Your in-house collection must be varied in every way — except, of course, when it comes to quality.

We can give a few examples. Bubble wrap can absorb shocks and vibrations well, and it is the go-to protective wrap for more fragile goods. It may not be the best way to prevent scratches and chips on furniture and china, though. Corrugated cushion wrap may be more appropriate in that situation. Every type of shipping wrap has its strengths and weaknesses. The discerning shipping worker can pick the right one for the right situation. All they need is the right knowledge and access to the right wraps.

Tigerpak can be your one-stop online shop for high-quality shipping wraps of all kinds. This page is your jumping-off point to our large selection of packing cushioning. Browse from Bubble Pak Roll Cartons, Versa-Pak Absorbent Cellulose, Natural Vermiculite, Foam Rolls, Corrugated Wrap, Cell-Aire Foam Pouches, Corrugated Filler Pads, and Instapak supplies. At Tigerpak, we have a broad, high-quality collection of items. Order all of your shipping, packing, and mailing goods here!
  • Cell-Aire Foam Pouches Cell-Aire Foam Pouches
    Recycled, heat sealable, foam pouch envelopes to insert products for protection during shipment.
  • Instapak® Simple Instapak® Simple
    A system for using Instapak® expanding foam to cushion products for shipping.