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Anti-Static Shock-Absorbing Foam Rolls

Striking the balance between cost and quality can be tough for customers. On the one hand, selecting the most affordable version of any product lets you get more of it for less. On the other hand, the quality of said product is extremely important, and looking at too low a price range may leave you with dissatisfying substitutes. The conundrum often requires a compromise from the customer, who may leave less than pleased.

With that said, shoppers can still find great products at reasonable prices. They just need to know where to look. For example, Tigerpak's polyethylene foam rolls are perfect for protecting sharp electronic parts. Specially designed to fold around objects in unusual shapes, the foam provides even delicate products with maximum protection against dust, water, abrasion and shock. Our shock absorbing foams are made to meet exceptional quality standards. On top of that, the price is lower than similar products from other companies. You get a better deal without compromising cost or quality.

When you need to watch the bottom line yet want top-notch anti-static protection, Tigerpak's shock-absorbing foams can save the day. Place an order with us so you can receive your own roll right away and experience all the benefits.

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Dimensions:12" x 175'
1/8" thick
Part NumberZPOLY12
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