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Using poly mailers for eCommerce and what to consider

Posted by TigerPak on 2/25/2021
Using poly mailers for eCommerce and what to consider

A typical eCommerce store has to ship 100s of products every day. In a quest to provide customers with the best service, outlets have to incur a substantial shipping cost. Thankfully, a large chunk of such costs could be saved by using Poly envelopes or Poly mailers. 

But what exactly are poly mailers? Where could they be used and from where could you get them? We know the questions are endless. And this is why here’s our brief guide on Poly mailers. So let’s dive right in!

What are Poly mailers?

Have you ever ordered a t-shirt or a book from the internet and received it in a plastic bag? Surely it isn’t a typical one that we use in our day-to-day lives. These are called poly mailers and they are used by Ecommerce businesses to ship apparel, shoes, books, and other non-perishable items. Poly mailers are specifically used for items that won’t be affected by occasional bumps or falls. So naturally, crockery, food items, computers, and others don’t see the face of poly mailers in their lives.

If your business deals with the above-mentioned items which qualify to be shipped by Poly mailers, then you could save a substantial cost on shipping. Below we have mentioned their different types available on the internet.

Different Types of Poly Mailers you could opt for

The one you choose to opt for should be based upon your needs. Some allow utmost safer shipping, some are good for saving costs, and others are eco-friendly, so in a way, good for saving nature. 

  • Regular

These are run-of-the-mill mailers that don’t offer any protection other than the obvious waterproofing. Generally considered good for apparel and products which are indifferent to force and occasional bumps, by opting for regular poly mailers, you could save a substantial cost on shipping if your store deals with 100s of products daily. 

  • Bubble Padded

As the name suggests, these are bubble-padded from the inside which makes them a perfect choice for high-quality products. You should consider using them for those items where you don’t wish to take any risks or situations where you wish to provide a premium experience to the customer. After all, the packaging is the first thing a customer sees after receiving the item.

  • Expansion Poly Mailers

Looking for something heavy-duty and water, puncture, tamper, moister, and tear-resistant? These expansion subset of poly mailers are the ones for you then. Made from strong polyethylene, these have padded bottoms to protect thicker items from incurring any damage. 

  • Eco-Friendly

We are increasingly witnessing brands opting for an eco-friendly approach in their operations. This is done to cut their carbon footprints and gain better goodwill in the market. Not only does it creates a good image of the brand in the eyes of customers, but also minimizes waste, and maximizes the use of renewable energy. 

At present, these come at comparatively high costs, but we expect their price to go down soon as soon as the infrastructure is revamped. 

Why should you prefer Poly Mailers?

It’s good to know every possible thing about something before opting for them. Below are some reasons why poly mailers are worth a shot-

  • Significant Cheaper Shipping Cost

By now, you might have understood that poly mailers cost significantly less than corrugated boxes. A truck would charge less for delivery if the overall weight of shipments is less and poly mailers do just that. Not only do they take up less space but also allow more items to be shipped.

  • Custom Branding Options

Maybe you need an envelope with a custom size or even better, an envelope with your company’s name and logo. This is easily possible with Poly mailers. At TigerPak, we tailor-make poly mailers as per your needs and requirements. We give the option of selecting from custom sizes, special polyethylene, or color printing in up to 6 colors. All you have to do is call our customer service representatives and state your requirements. 

  • The option of choosing for diverse needs

While boxes generally don’t give many options, it is the contrary with poly mailers. You can choose from a diverse set of poly mailers such as eco-friendly ones, padded, non-padded, and so on. 

What are the products I can ship with Poly Mailers?

While we have mentioned it in brief above, here we will give you a detailed list of products you can ship with Poly mailers.

  • Apparels

The eCommerce stores that deal in apparel and clothes have benefitted the most from Poly mailers. Jeans, shirts, and even shoes are not at risk of being damaged owing to a fall or bump. 

  • Books and magazines

We suggest using bubble-padded poly mailers for shipping books. While books aren’t as fragile as crockery or electronic items, they are definitely more fragile than clothes. Bubble-padding would protect the pages or cover from being crumpled. 

  • Products packed in Cardboard

Many products are packed in cardboard naturally. This means they don’t require any additional protection in the form of cardboard boxes and it would be overkill to do so. This is why you can ship playing cards, phone cases, board games, and other similar items in poly mailers and it’d be fine!

Where to buy the best Poly Mailers?

At last, we’d like to let you know, at TigerPak, we deal in the best poly mailers available on the internet. Presently, our 2 categories of poly envelopes, Water-resistant poly couriers envelopes which are non-cushioned and custom mailing envelopes, are live in our store. 

All you have to do is give us a call and state your requirements. We are looking forward to associating with you!!