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What is Corrugated Cardboard and Why Use It?

Posted by TigerPak on 5/25/2022
What is Corrugated Cardboard and Why Use It?

If you look around your house, the odds are good that you will find at least a few items made of cardboard. Notepads, cereal boxes, egg cartons, colored pencil boxes, and much more use this material. For all its utility, though, anyone interested in shipping something may want to use corrugated cardboard instead.

So what is corrugated cardboard? What makes it preferable for shipping when regular cardboard has so many applications? In this article, we will answer these questions in depth. We will also detail what makes corrugated cardboard not just different, but special and superior for shipping.

What is Corrugated Cardboard?

Before we tackle the main question of this blog post, it may be instructive to first answer another question: what is cardboard? This material is made from paper stock, and it is processed to be much thicker than ordinary paper. This gives it enhanced rigidity and strength while still keeping it cheap, which makes it popular as packaging.

Now, take one sheet of cardboard and bend it multiple times in alternating directions along its length. It is now fluted, crimped, furrowed — in other words, corrugated. Then, put this sheet between two normal layers of cardboard and bind them. This combination makes for an even thicker material that is much more suitable for packaging. It is often called corrugated fiberboard, but many also call it corrugated cardboard.

5 Benefits of Using Corrugated Cardboard

You now have an answer to your question, “What is corrugated cardboard?” Of course, it is one thing to compare and contrast its thickness with that of cardboard. It is another thing entirely to explain why that difference matters. To that end, the rest of this article will enumerate a few of the most important advantages it offers specifically for shipping.

Enhanced Durability

Any materials used for shipping must offer great durability. The shipping process can be rough, and no one wants to receive a shipment only to find damaged goods. While we noted that cardboard is much less flimsy than paper, that is not saying much. The former material is still much closer in strength to the latter than, say, wood.

That little extra strength is enough for many applications, so cardboard still has its uses. When it comes to shipping, though, containers made from the corrugated version are much better at protecting their contents. It still shares regular cardboard’s vulnerabilities, but any threats and hazards must penetrate three thick and reinforced layers.

Significant Eco-Friendliness

The relative flimsiness of traditional cardboard comes with another drawback for the environmentally conscious: when you use it once, it likely cannot be reused. Corrugated cardboard, on the other hand, does not fall apart so easily. Thanks to that comparative hardiness, package recipients can reuse the same pieces quite a few times.

On top of its reusability, corrugated cardboard is also easy to recycle . When you handle a box made from corrugated cardboard, the odds are good that its layers are made from salvaged materials. Its composition may also include pulp from wood chips and other oft-disposed leavings. It is one of the most sustainable materials available to consumers.

Less Weight for More

Cargo held in transport vehicles can only haul so much weight. As shipping workers handle the loads, they must take into account more than just the weight of the contents. See, shipping materials add some ounces as well. Ideally, one must use the materials that offer the most strength with the least weight.

Corrugated cardboard can be a dream come true. Regular cardboard is already light — too light. This alternative type is tough enough to protect heavy-duty shipments, all while barely adding any more weight. Every reduction in poundage helps create more space for more shipments and enables fewer trips.

It is not hard to see the pluses that spin-off from there. Recipients can get their shipments sooner. The shipping process becomes more efficient. Thanks to the reduction in wastefulness, it has even become more environmentally friendly. As we said, every little bit helps.

Great Versatility

It may be tough, it may be good for the environment, and it may add little weight to the shipment. With all that said, what is corrugated cardboard actually useful for? The question is always worth asking, and choosing the right packaging materials is a skill worth cultivating. After all, not every option is the best one for every shipment.

Not unlike its more traditional counterpart, corrugated cardboard has many applications. Food is a great example: many different kinds can be kept safe from moisture and shocks within boxes made from this material. Moreover, it can easily work in conjunction with an insulating liner, and its clean nature can ward off many contaminants. This is just one notable example of corrugated cardboard’s general-purpose uses.

Low Cost

Durability, eco-friendliness, low weight, and versatility are all factors that shippers must consider when choosing which materials to use for their packaging. Anything that excels in all those criteria is obviously of great quality, and great quality ordinarily comes at a higher charge. Companies often struggle to balance the need to use the best goods available with the need to stay within a budget.

Fortunately, corrugated cardboard has one more ace up its sleeve. The tools required to produce it are relatively simple, and the process itself is not as labor-intensive as for other materials. It costs little to make, which means it costs little to buy.

Shipping businesses can maintain a steady supply of excellent shipping materials without blowing up their budgets. Best of all, they can do this without sacrificing the quality that people would want for the containers protecting their packages.

Get High-Quality Corrugated Cardboard Shipping Materials Today

What is corrugated cardboard? To many shippers, it is a great convenience, an excellent option for all kinds of shipments, and a crucial part of business. Here at Tigerpak, we know the value of high-quality corrugated cardboard boxes , and we offer it at low prices. Order our goods today and you can see for yourself.