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What is Instapak and how can it help your business?

Posted by TigerPak on 7/24/2020
What is Instapak and how can it help your business?

When your company is in the business of selling products, the choice of packaging materials is undoubtedly one of the most important decisions you'll ever make. Instapak can transform your approach to packing forever.

To save time, money, and your sanity, order your Instapak machine today!

The importance of packaging supplies

Many businesses overlook the importance of their packing supplies, but the truth is that they can have a telling impact on your bottom line for a whole host of reasons. Some of the incentives for paying more attention to this part of the order fulfillment process are:

  • Increase Profits

For starters, cutting production costs by just 1¢ per unit can soon help your profit margins. Crucially, one in five returned products is due to receiving damaged goods. Increased protection will significantly reduce the volume of refunds, thus ensuring that you gain maximum profits.

  • Impress Customers

The fact you've gained a sale shows that you've already made a great first impression. However, opening the package could be the customer's first interaction with your products. Client experiences now play a bigger role than ever before. The right packaging materials keep the positivity flowing.

  • Build Familiarity

While the packaging design is the key focus of building brand recognition in this arena, the packing inlays add to the cause. A practical solution that additionally causes less damage to the environment can influence future consumer habits, not least because it shows attention to detail and a level of care.

In addition to boosting customer relationships, the right choice of packing processes will aid daily operations in a variety of ways. 

What is Instapak?

The Instapak® Simple foam-in-bag packaging machine that is built to transform your company's in-house packing processes forever. It is a compact solution used for a wide range of packaging needs. The innovative machine produces foam cushions in a fast and efficient manner while avoiding the requirements of traditional machinery. This means no special pressurized hoses, no additional power needs, or bulky air canisters.

In-house packing with the system becomes a lot simpler as the machine delivers reliable results for optimal protection. Through the use of its patented mechanical mixing process ensures the best foam quality, with the ability to choose between heavy and light duty. 

It uses two components, Polymethylene Polyphenylisocyanate and a Polyether Polyol Resin Mixture, to create a solid foam that can fit around your products before keeping them tightly secured in whatever box or package is selected. Once tightly packed, the items are protected from any damages as they cannot move around inside the package – as is often the case with alternative packing methods.

The sealed air system requires no interaction with the components. Instead, the machine automates the amount of components needed while the mixing chamber seals the film and dispenses the bag ready for you to tear the foam-in-bag before wrapping it around the desired product. Incredibly, the foam is capable of expanding to 200 times its liquid volume.

Users can subsequently create custom foam inserts that are perfectly molded to their products using an on-demand in-house service. 

Who is Instapak for?

The Instapak solution is suited for a range of SMEs. It can create up to three items per minute and handle up to 25 packs per day. The state-of-the-art air seal technology can be embraced by companies that manufacture their own goods as well as those that distribute products sourced from other manufacturers.

Thanks to the results it produces, the system can be used by companies that sell products locally as well as online retailers that handle national and international shipments. The versatility of the foam-in-bag solutions also allows for packers to protect products of varying shapes and sizes, which is ideal for retailers working with multiple items.

While a single machine can serve multiple stations due to its size and mobility, the compact design also makes it suitable for businesses that need multiple staff members to complete packing processes at any given time. Whether using a single machine or multiple devices 

Why Instapak?

The Instapak system is a revolutionary machine that delivers exceptional results for businesses across multiple industries. While it is one of many packaging solutions on the market, Instapak's Simple system is the best performing and practical option. There are many reasons why it will become an integral asset for your order fulfillment teams, including but not limited to:

  • Flexibility– whether protecting fragile glassware or stabilizing the internal components of electronics, the Instapak's delivers exceptional versatility through the use of 16” and 24” films, as well as a choice of light-duty or heavy-duty packing.
  • Portability – the compact design of the Instapak machine enables users to move it around from one station to the next. This saves time and removes the threat of damaging products during transit to the packing station. The machine is powered by a single outlet too.
  • Easy Usage – Instapak machines use a push-button operation, use easy installation 2.5-gallon material bottles, and require minimal servicing or maintenance. Likewise, changing from one type of packing foam to the next is easy, allowing your team to focus on the job.
  • Practicality – the Instapak foam-in-bag packaging always uses the right amount of packing, enabling you to reduce excess waste material. Aside from saving money, it adds convenience and helps maintain organized workspaces.
  • Lightness – the combination of foam, and ability to mold the packing materials to the exact shape and size required allows you to keep packages compact and light. This allows you to pack more items on a van and keep the weight down to reduce delivery costs.


Packing is one of the most commonly overlooked aspects of business, but persisting with outdated methods can impact productivity and profitability in a big way. Thankfully, the Instapak system helps you regain control of the situation, allowing you to prepare items for shipment with greater efficiency than ever before.

To find out more about the Instapak Simple system and installation, get in touch with our Sealed Air representatives today on 800-635-3851!