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Wrapping & Accessories

Packages need to reach the intended recipient in one piece and without any damage to the contents. That is why wrapping is such a critical step in the shipping process. Anyone in charge of this task must do a good job of covering items with protective materials as required or requested. Otherwise, the items may accrue scratches, chips, cracks, and other kinds of harm that will leave customers unhappy and unsatisfied.

Here at Tigerpak, we understand the importance of having high-quality products for wrapping and accessories at your disposal. Our selection consists of nothing but the best tools for anyone involved in that part of the process. These items can be found in seven distinct subcategories, which you can reach from this page. They include:

- White Corrugated Wrap: highly flexible wraps for wrapping and protecting fragile items

- Kraft Paper Rolls: inexpensive, all-purpose wrap for boxes and a wide assortment of items

- Kraft Paper Dispensers & Cutters: tools that hold wrapping paper and provide an easy means for unrolling and cutting it

- Safety Knives & Blades: heavy-duty cutting utensils

- Carton Reducers: easy-to-use tools for resizing boxes without breaking them

- Staple Remover & Knife in One: multi-purpose tools capable of pulling out staples and cutting many different things

- Handy Handles: accessories that clamp onto package twine, making it easier to lift by hand